History of the Romantic Pension Albrecht Neuschwanstein

The History of the Romantic Pension Albrecht

The plot of land on which the house was built has always united three primal forces on one square kilometer: king, mountain and water.

The plan to build a villa from 1901 goes back to Mrs. Marie Albrecht. Under construction = plan (see picture below right) she is identified as the widow of the royal hunting assistant F. Albrecht of King Ludwig II of Bavaria (fairy tale king).

The house “Romantic-Pension” is something absolutely special. It offers culture, shopping and health in a very close space. The pension is surrounded by meadows, forests, lakes and mountains and has a rural character. During the day you can hear the neighbour’s rooster and sheep calling. In the woods nearby, you can enjoy the latest trend – forest bathing – for free.
Two castles – the moon castle (white) of King Ludwig II, the fairy tale king – and his parents’ house – the sun castle (yellow) – are within walking distance (2000m and 700m).
In room number 6 of the guesthouse you can see both castles from the balcony at the same time; at night they are illuminated white and gold.

The special thing about the location of the house is that our guests can buy high-tech items such as watches, cosmetics, fashion, suitcases, knives from top European companies in a tax-free shop / Boutique Müller at a distance of 300m.

For our Asian guests there is the same in the Galeria Lisl 300m away if you walk directly across the meadow.

According to the local forester, the linden tree at the entrance to the garden is almost 220 years old and therefore around 75 years older than Neuschwanstein Castle. At that time Johann Wolfgang Goethe (1749 – 1832) was 51 years old and was writing his “Faust” (1st part).